Afraid to Care

I’ve never been afraid to care
Just what I should care about
Because it seems all the world is at war
And I’ve got a nasty habit of not doing the dishes
Someone, somewhere is relying on me
And I don’t remember the last time I was the priority
Even for me
And is this selfishness? Egocentrism?
That I want to care about myself first right now?
I have four and a half projects on my plate
And still I’m told to work harder
But what if I’m just a single-speed bike
Not stuck in a gear – I just don’t have more
What if it will all get done, and I know it, but it’s not enough
Because it needs to be done yesterday
It should’ve been done during my predecessor’s yesterdays
So now I’m afraid to care
Because what about the missiles cratering Ukraine
And the ones flying over Japan
Bullets have been flying in Africa for years
Let alone the lack of food and clean water
And now bullets fly stateside
In a war for bigotry and blind hypocrisy
What about the quality control issues
It destroys our efficiency – and time is money
And the employees are restless
And they think management is full of themselves
And what about the water bill
And the floors that can’t go another day without vacuuming
The dog bowls are empty again
And those damned dishes…

But what if I just sat here for awhile?

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Photo by Tom van Hoogstraten on Unsplash

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